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C++ Optimization Strategies and Techniques -Pete Isensee
글쓴이: EzDoum 글쓴날: 2002년 08월 25일 오후 01:46

# General Strategies

There's a right way and a wrong way to do optimization. Here's some strategies common to all programming endeavors that work and don't work.

Optimization Strategies that Bomb
Optimization Strategies that Work
Example of Selecting the Proper Algorithm

# C++ Design Considerations

When you start working on your next app and begin to think about coding conventions, compilers, libraries, and general C++ issues, there are many factors to consider. In this section I weigh performance issues involved with C++ design considerations.

Take advantage of STL containers
Consider using references instead of pointers
Consider two-phase construction
Limit exception handling
Avoid Runtime Type Identification
Prefer stdio to iostream
Evaluate alternative libraries

# C++ Optimizations You Can Do "As You Go"

Defy the software engineering mantra of "optimization procrastination." These techniques can be added to your code today! In general, these methods not only make your code more efficient, but increase readability and maintainability, too.

Pass class parameters by reference
Postpone variable declaration as long as possible
Prefer initialization over assignment
Use constructor initialization lists
Prefer operator= over operator alone
Use prefix operators
Use explicit constructors

# Final Optimizations

Your app is up and running. The data structures are ideal, the algorithms sublime, the code elegant, but the program - well, it's not quite living up to its potential. Time to get drastic, and with drastic measures, there are tradeoffs to consider. These optimizations are going to make your code less modular, harder to understand, and more difficult to maintain. They may cause unexpected side effects like code bloat. Your compiler may not even be able to handle some of the more advanced template-based techniques. Proceed with caution. Arm yourself with a good profiler.

Inline functions
Avoid temporary objects: the return value optimization
Be aware of the cost of virtual functions
Return objects via reference parameters
Consider per-class allocation
Consider STL container allocators
The "empty member" optimization
Template metaprogramming
Copy on write

# Compiler Optimizations

A good compiler can have a huge effect on code performance. Most PC compilers are good, but not great, at optimization. Be aware that sometimes the compiler won't perform optimizations even though it can. The compiler assigns a higher priority to producing consistent and correct code than optimizing performance. Be thankful for small favors.

C language settings
C++ language settings
The "ultimate" compiler settings
Use the novtable option for abstract classes (Microsoft Visual C++)
Indicate functions that don't throw exceptions
Use the fastcall calling convention (Microsoft Visual C++)
Warning: Unsafe optimizations

# Appendices

STL Container efficiency table
Relative costs of common programming operations
C code tuning and C++ efficiency resources

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