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Tree Rebalancing in Optimal Time and Space
글쓴이: EzDoum 글쓴날: 2002년 06월 26일 오후 10:51

In Communications of the ACM 29 (1986), pp. 902-908.
Tree Rebalancing in Optimal Time and Space

Quentin F. Stout
EECS Department, University of Michigan

Bette L. Warren
Mathematics Department, Eastern Michigan University

Abstract: A simple algorithm is given which takes an arbitrary binary search tree and rebalances it to form another of optimal shape, i.e., not only does the resulting tree have minimal possible height, but further, for each node, the number of nodes in its left and right subtrees differ by at most one. This algorithm uses time linear in the number of nodes and only a constant amount of space beyond that used to store the initial tree. It is thus optimal in its use of both time and space. Previous algorithms were optimal in at most one of these two measures, or were not applicable to all binary search trees.

When the nodes are stored in an array, a simple addition to this algorithm results in the nodes being stored in sorted order in the initial portion of the array, again using only linear time and constant space.

The algorithm consists of two phases:

tree_to_vine, which converts an arbitrary binary search tree into a vine, where the smallest item is the root, next smallest item is to its right, etc.
vine_to_tree, which converts the vine into a perfectly balanced tree.
The phases are based on repeated use of simple rotation operations. Each phase is quite efficient, and is of interest in itself.
While not included in this paper, it is also straightforward to modify the algorithm so that the result is a red-black, AVL, or weight-balanced tree (and many other variations as well). I.e., the node information needed for these trees is inserted during the vine_to_tree step.

Keywords: global binary search tree rebalance, data structure, perfect balance, optimal search, sorting, algorithm, vine, rebalance, minimal height, rotation, computer science

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) has scanned this journal and put it online. Here is their PDF version of this paper.

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